Scumbag David Hume

If ever, on any occasion, it were laudable to conceal truth from the

populace, it must be confessed that the doctrine of resistance affords

such an example, and that all speculative reasoners ought to observe,

with regard to this principle, the same cautious silence, which the

law in every species of government have ever prescribed to themselves.

Government is instituted in order to restrain the fury and

injustice of the people, and is being always founded on opinion, not

on force, it is dangerous to weaken, by these speculations, the reverence

which the multitude owe to authority, and to instruct them

beforehand that the case can ever happen when they may be freed

from their duty of allegiance. Or should it be found impossible to

restrain the licence of human disquisitions, it must be acknowledged

that the doctrine of obedience ought alone to be inculcated and that

exceptions, which are rare, ought never or seldom be mentioned in

popular reasoning or discourses.

History of England – Scumbag David Hume


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