Donna Awatere, Māori Sovereignty

Donna Awatere Maori Sovereignty


Maori Sovereignty_Donna Awatere.pdf (473.9 MB)!Rk5xXQaQ!Cz5XtzuE91Q9NuN_pYnRhTQY_voZuVb0EiuU270-jkw


Donna Awatere’s blistering polemic against pākehā arrogance and white cultural imperialism. Written in the 80’s and originally published in the feminist journal Broadsheet, it managed to fuck off just about everyone. Can be difficult to track down, I finally got a copy from trademe a while ago. Have uploaded it in full here because it is still depressingly spot on, and deserves to be read again and again. The Donna that wrote this definitely wouldn’t have cared about the copyright. Who knows now… Anyways, seems fitting to use another ACT supporters file hosting service to bootleg it (download link above).

Mana motuhake of the proletariat!

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